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Ashakiranam was started in the month of November, 2015 with the blessings of Ret. Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman, Bishop of Quilon, Adv. Rajendra Babu, Mayor of Kollam and Mrs. Vijaya Francis, Deputy Mayor of Kollam Corporation at QSSS Hall. Caritas India is the funding agent of this project.


‘Towards creating awareness about cancer, detection and support to the deprived’.


  • Baseline survey to analyse the health situation;
  • Detection camps and awareness programs;
  • Monetary support for the deserving client and his/her guardian;
  • Counselling and guidance support through experts;
  • Palliative care for the most disadvantaged clients;
  • Promotion of healthy food habits and lifestyle;
  • Volunteers as ambassadors of this program; and
  • QSSS as Help & Support desk for the clients.

The project includes various activities:

  • Baseline Surveys

We are conducting baseline surveys in our target areas to identify the existing cancer patients who need support. This will also help us to understand the reasons for the prevalence of cancer and concentration of cancer patients in certain areas apart from analyzing their physical, psychological and socio-economic conditions.

  • Awareness cum Detection camps

These kind of camps will be conducted once in every month in various places benefiting the public to get more information about Cancer and get free medical check up to detect cancer at early stage. The camp will be conducted in collaboration with like-minded hospitals that support these kinds of campaigns. Oncologists will explain preventive measures and early symptoms of cancer. In addition, diabetes check-up and medical screens for other basic illnesses also will be organised depending upon the hospital’s specialty and need of the host community.

  • Promotional events for Healthy Lifestyle

We will be organising public awareness programs like signature campaigns, cycle rally, arts festivals, food festivals, blood donation camps, marathon, walkathon events and similar events to sensitize people about the difficulties of the cancer patients and their family members face. Moreover, campaigns against the use/abuse of tobacco, drugs and alcohol which will be conducted in schools, colleges and for the general public too.

  • QSSS Volunteer Club (QVC)

We have started to mobilize more volunteers (students and working adults) who will be trained on finding out poor cancer patients and garner them support monetarily as well as other means of support. These volunteers will be the ambassadors of this campaign who mobilize funds on the field apart from volunteering for the events.

Asakiranam Ambulance Service

Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) under their CSR Scheme donated an Ambulance vehicle to Quilon Social Service Society (QSSS) that will benefit deserving cancer/ dialysis patients to travel from Kollam to Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), or Medical College, Trivandrum for treatment.