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Associate Director's Message

Rev. Fr. Saiju Simon

“Traditionally charity is a response to the symptoms of entrenched social problems” The Funding supports to those who are affected. But a responsible society will identify underlying causes and be working to change these conditions. This is a core value of progressive social change. In the present era, charity is not the focal point of any organization but change. These changes could bring a change in the “attitudes, behaviors, policies, and laws and reflected in the values of “inclusion, fairness, diversity, and opportunity”. Social changes are brought through their ability to organize, to educate and to mobilize. Quilon Social Service Society is such an organization which deals with the poor and marginalized since1960. Its service to the society always echoed for the preferential option for the poor especially fisher folk. Being part of this society, I wish and pray all success in its uplifting service for the society to mark a drastic change.